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SW9000 Plate Interconnection Soldering Machine

SW9000 Plate Interconnection Soldering Machine

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  • Details
  • Product advantage

    ◆New conception of plate interconnection Worldwide.

    ◆Optimized process, increase production efficiency.

    ◆9,000 cells/hour, Breakthrough by leaps and bounds.

    ◆Patent product, high profit with less investment & directly manpower.

    ◆Large size to 210mm, thinner Silicon wafer to 150um and suitable for heterojunction high demand.


    Technical Parameters



    Maximum capacity

    9000 small cells/hr1/3 cell

    Breakage rate

    ≤2‰positive A class

    Average failure rate

    ≤3%(Rework caused by exposed white, virtual soldering,over-soldering,and short circuit is calculated in pieces.)

    Equipment utilization rate

    ≥95%Does not include replacement of ribbon, flux, debris removal, etc.

    Cell specifications

    (156.75~166)mm×(52.25~55.33)mm,1/3 cell(180~210mm)×(45~52mm),1/4 cellrecommend

    Bus bar of solar cell


    180~210mm7BB/8BB recommend

    Thickness of solar cell

    170-230umcan be upgraded to 150 umCompatible with heterojunction

    Cell spacing


    Plate interconnection strip spacing



    8900 x3800 x2235mm

    Net weight


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