SE-P(1-5) Laser Scribing Machine

Suitable for laser scribing of transparent conductive films (SnO2, AZO, ITO), amorphous silicon film systems (a-Si, μc-Si), back electrode films (ZnO, AI), and other thin-film solar cell materials, including calcium titanium thin films, metal molybdenum (Mo) thin films, metal nickel (Ni) thin films, and cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin films.

                                     Product Display

                                    Product Advantages

  • Suitable laser configurations based on different usage scenarios and process requirements.
  • Non-contact air-floating working platform with automatic material loading and unloading.
  • Two-dimensional separation linear motion platform, with the film side of the solar cell panel facing upward during movement.
  • CCD automatic recognition and positioning system to ensure precise scribing (clean edge) effects.
  • Unique dust collection system to maintain a clean working environment.

                                   Technical Parameters


Effective Processing Area: 1400mm x 1000mm (customizable according to requirements)

Maximum Operating Speed: 2000mm/s (P1/P2/P3/P5), 200mm/s (P4)



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