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Automatic Four-layer Double-cavity PV Module Lamination Machine

Automatic Four-layer Double-cavity PV Module Lamination Machine

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    1.Equipment Function

    It is compatible with various single glass, double glass and triple glass modules and EVA and PVB materials, and is also compatible with laminating various heterojunction modules containing CdTe (cadmium telluride thin film solar) cells.

    2. Laminate Machine Structure

    ◆ Adopt servo-driven motor transmission control.

    ◆The imported butterfly valve is adopted to ensure the stability of the equipment vacuum system.

    ◆Integrating vacuum, pressure, transmission, PID heating self-setting control technology,

    ◆Automatic memory of process parameters, and keep memory function for 3 months.

    ◆Set automatic / semi-automatic / manual three control modes,  With the segment pressure function, the pressure speed is fast, medium, slow and optional.

    ◆The equipment is equipped with a MES interface to upload the equipment running status and key process parameters to the MES system.

    ◆There are 8 temperature probes on the heating board surface, temperature is ± 1℃, and the temperature uniformity is ± 1.5℃, and displayed on the touch screen interface.

    ◆Equipment is divided into:  (A) four-layer feeding table, (B) four-layer pressure chamber (B1), four-layer curing two chamber (B2), (C) four-layer feeding table.

    3.Technical Parameter

    Equipment Model








    Total equipment approx

    142 T

    145.5 T

    151 T

    Effective lamination area




    Module specification

    2500x1350( 210)

    2500x1350( 210)

    2500x1350( 210)




    Number of components/positioning method

    4 ▍▍▍▍

    4 ▍▍▍▍

    5 ▍▍▍▍▍

    4 ▍▍▍▍

    5 ▍▍▍▍▍

    6 ▍▍▍▍▍▍

    Working time

    22 hours/day, 330 days/year

    N type 210-66 version;690W

    480 MW/year (single glass) 400 MW/year (double gla

    480 MW/year (single glass) 400 MW/year (double glaass)

    601 MW/year (single glass) 500 MW/year (double )

    N type 182-72 version;580W

    405 MW/year (single glass) 337 MW/year (double glass)

    505 MW/year (single glass) 420 MW/year (double glas)

    721 MW/year (single glass) 601 MW/year (double glass)

    Laminated cavity height

    30mm - 45mm

    Heating platform、method

    Irflatness 200um per square meter , oil heating or electric heating

    temperature homogeneity


    temperature range

    Room temperature of ~180℃  

    On the cover trip

     Work: 100mm

    Heater plate thickness

    Oil heating ≥ 60mm, electric heating ≥ 45mm

    propagation velocity

     3.5~15m / min is continuously adjustable

    A cavity time rate、Two cavity time rate


    Temperature control accuracy


    Operating vacuum degree





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