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Four layer double cavity automatic photovoltaic module lamination machine

Four layer double cavity automatic photovoltaic module lamination machine

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  • 1.Equipment technical parameters

    Equipment Model


    Equipment size

    Length 26200mm×width 4680mm(width of host 3500mm)×height 4000mm

    Laminated area


    Weight of the whole machine


    Compressed air flow

    Each chamber ≥ 800L/min

    Compressed air source pressure


    Laminate chamber height

    30 mm

    Power supply

    AC380V 50Hz three-phase five-wire


    Normal operating power

    240 KW

    Total installed capacity

    640 KW

    Heating platform

    Unevenness ≤ 200um per square   meter

    One-chamber evacuation rate



    Temperature uniformity


    Two-cavity evacuation rate



    Control Platform

    Touch Screen

    Temperature control method

    PLC intelligent temperature control

    Temperature range

    Room temperature~180℃

    Temperature control accuracy


    Take time out


    Lamination time

    Depending on different materials

    Upper cover stroke

    Maintenance: 300mm / Working: 100mm

    Operating vacuum


    Heater plate thickness


    Heating plate material


    Transmission speed

    3.5~15m/min continuously adjustable

    Heating method

    Oil heating

    Transmission Control

    Servo Motor

    Crop rate


    Workbench height

    Front and rear end configuration lift platform



    2.the introduction of laminating machine

    1、Adopting Siemens PLC programmable control module, integrating vacuum, air pressure, transmission and PID heating self-tuning control technology, it can realize the function of lamination encapsulation of crystalline silicon cell modules.

    2, the equipment is divided into four sections consisting of (A level) four-layer feeding table, (B level) four-layer press a cavity (B1), four-layer curing two cavities (B2), (C level) four-layer discharge table.

    3、Transfer system adopts servo-driven motor transfer control.

    4. Four layers of double cavities laminated at the same time 1350×2500 components = 16 pieces and 1130×2500 components laminated at the same time = 20 pieces.

    5、Setting temperature self-tuning, control temperature accuracy guaranteed at ±1℃, temperature uniformity ±1.5℃, heating plate surface with 8-way temperature probe, evenly distributed on the heating plate and displayed on the touch screen interface.

    6. Double over-temperature protection by PLC automatic control temperature system and over-temperature sensor, when the oil temperature exceeds the set temperature of 8℃, it will immediately alarm and shut down the two main power supplies to stop heating.

    7, the use of imported butterfly valve, to ensure the stability of the implementation of the vacuum system of the equipment, the cavity configuration Pirani vacuum gauge, real-time monitoring of the vacuum value state (pa units);

    8、Set automatic/semi-automatic/manual three control modes, can realize fully automatic feeding, laminating and discharging and manual feeding, laminating and discharging.

    9、The system is equipped with the function of recording the characteristic curve of important parameters (upper and lower vacuum degree, table temperature).

    10、With sectional pressurization function, fast, medium and slow pressurization speed is optional.

    11、Adopt high quality touch screen, friendly interface, convenient operation, easy to learn, the operation process through sound and light real-time prompting the main operation process; process parameters are simple to set, a variety of process parameters displayed in the same window, easy to monitor, and can store a variety of process formulas for selection in production.

    12、The process parameters are automatically remembered and will not be lost or reset after rebooting; the main operation steps are automatically recorded to provide data for component quality analysis and the memory preservation function time is 3 months.

    13、The equipment is equipped with MES interface, which can upload the equipment operation status and key process parameters to MES system.


    3. Plant service requirements


    Factory requirements

    Flow rate, exhaust requirements

    Interface/tube diameter


    Length 26200mm×Width   4680mm(Mainframe width 3500mm)×Height 4000mm

    Not   involved

    Floor   load-bearing capacity: 3.5 T/

    Power   requirements

    50HZ   AC380V three-phase five-wire power supply, total power of single installed   unit 640kW

    4   groups (3×185mm²+2×95mm²) copper wire

    Gas   source requirements

    Compressed   air pressure up to 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa gas source requirements clean, no impurities

    Maximum   flow rate of single chamber: ≥1200L/min

    Instantaneous   pressure drop<0.2Mpa

    Pneumatic   connection diameter φ16

    Requires   8 air tubes


    Vacuum   pump exhaust requirements

    One   chamber: 1 x 2X-70 vacuum pump

    Two   chambers: 1 x 2X-70 vacuum pump

    Count; 8 units


    Emission   of exhaust gas 80m³/h.


    One   chamber: 4 exhaust pipes with inner diameter φ76mm;

    Two   chambers: 4 exhaust pipes with inner diameter φ76mm;

    Pump   set cooling water requirements

    This   2X-70 vacuum pump, tap water supply (need to be equipped with cooling water   pipeline), or equipped with a water tank, with water pump for circulating   water supply, water temperature 10 ℃ -25 ℃

    Single   vacuum pump cooling water flow rate 15L/min (for single vacuum pump)

    Pump   body connection port is φ12 pagoda connector

    One cavity:   inner diameter of water pipe φ12mm

    (12 inlets + 12 drains)

    Two cavities: inner diameter of water pipe φ12mm

    (4   inlets + 4 drains)

    Use   environment; ambient temperature 10℃-50℃; relative humidity<90%; altitude<2500m



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