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Online EL Appearance Inspection Machine

Online EL Appearance Inspection Machine

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  • Equipment introduction

    Specialized machine that applies for testing solar cell module inside crack and appearance defect,according to solar cell based on electric lead to lighting principle testing solar cell crack,adopts high resolution camera appearance defect testing.



    Equipment feature

    ◆Multiple cameras putting pictures together several times to restore high definition original pictures

    ◆Huge display window,high restoration

    ◆Equipped with product line achieving automatic flow-line


    Technical parameter

    Product model


    Sample applied

    crystalline silicon solar module

    Valid testing area


    Design capacity



    before laminating/after laminating

    Resolution ratio

    Infrared 500W*12/visible 200Wx12

    DC power

    Programmable power

    Current range

    0~15A  Continuous adjusted

    Voltage range

    0~80V  Continuous adjusted

    Image storage

    Manual / automatic scanning bar code, with numbered name as file name to keep.

    Motion control unit

    Adopts touch screen to communicate with PLC, display the current state and monitor the process in real-time.

    Control interface

    Chinese and English dialog interface, automatic controlling constant current on&off.


    4K super definition display on large screen

    Software performance

    Graphic magnification display function, display tiny features,SQL database store picture


    AC single phrase 220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz ±10%

    Power consumption

    3.5 KW

    Compressed air




    Net weight


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