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Long pulse width solar module tester

Long pulse width solar module tester

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  • Introduction to equipment

    Suitable for modules electrical performance testing of various types such as solar mono silicon, poly silicon Topcon, HIT, HJT, IBC and thin film modules.


    Equipment characteristics

    1) uses secondary large capacitance power supply and straight pipe xenon lamp with stable light source.

    2) uses a professionally designed filter with a spectrum of a A + level (87.5% -112.5%).

    3) long pulse width 10-150ms single flash adjustable

    4) can test large modules at 2600mm * 1600mm

    5) Fixing the lighting platform design, easy to operate

    6) It is adjustable from 500-1200W/to test module performance at different light ranges.

    7) professional control and data acquisition system to ensure data accuracy and system stability.

    8) A number of electrical parameters and I-V and P-V curves; Current and power display at fixed point voltage.

    9) Infrared temperature measurement and automatic temperature correction.

    Technical parameters

    Equipment model


    Measured parameters

     IV, PV curve, short circuit current Isc, open circuit voltage Uoc, maximum power Pmpp, cell efficiency Eff, fill factor FF, current at the maximum power point Impp, voltage at the maximum power point Umpp, series resistance Rser, parallel resistance Rshunt, solar cell surface Temperature, Iuld (current corresponding to fixed-point voltage), Puld (power corresponding to fixed-point voltage), where uld can be set arbitrarily.

    Maximum measurable component size


    Test speed

    240 pcs/ hours

    Flash time

    The 10-150ms is adjustable

    Lights pipe life

    >100,000 flashes

    Range of amplitude illumination


    Spectral matching

    0.875-1.125 (Grade A+)

    Amitude illumination instability

    ≤ 0.25% (Class A+)

    Amitude inhomogeneities

    ≤ 1% (Grade A+)

    Spectroscopic range


    Measurement range

    Voltage gear is 1v/10v/50v/100v/150v/200v

    Current range is 0.25A/1A/5A/10A/20A

    Measuring resolution

    16bit(measurement resolution of 0.003%)

    Type of lamp tube

     xenon lamp

    How to work

    Single pulse

    Work power supply

    200-240V,10A,50/60HZ,single phase

    Outline dimension of light source

    box (long x wide x high)


    Appearance dimensions of electric control cabinet (wide x deep x high)


    Equipment weight

    Light source box: 500kg

    Electrical cabinet: 280kg


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