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SGT-2000 Fully Automatic Solar Cell Tabber&Stringer

SGT-2000 Fully Automatic Solar Cell Tabber&Stringer

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    1. Equipment Introduction

    For series welding of crystal silicon solar cells.


    2. Product Advantages

    ◆ Compatible with 156-230mm, 5BB-20BB cells.

    ◆ High-speed electric cylinder cell classification handling and release.

    ◆ Slux agent infiltration, easy to maintain.

    ◆ Original flexible pressing welding belt mechanism.

    ◆ Infrared heating, segment welding; welding temperature and power closed-loop control, temperature climbing gentle, small thermal impact, effectively reduce the cell debris rate.

    ◆ Meet the cell chamfering respectively forward and back welding, and meet the chamfering before and after the same time welding.


    3. Technical Parameter

    Equipment model

    SGT -2000

    Max capacity

    1,500 Cells / hour

    Cell size

    156-166 (whole piece 1 / 2,1 / 3) 182-230 (1 / 2,1   / 3)

    Cell thickness


    Cell spacing


    Cell string spacing


    Max string welding length


    Welding tape specifications

    Flat welding strip width 0.5-3mm, thickness of   0.18-0.32mm

    Fragment rate

    3 ‰ (positive grade-A film)

    Fluid agent application method

    Welding belt infiltration

    Welding method

    infrared bonding

    Discharge form

    Manual discharge or automatic docking Lay-up   machine

    Equipment size

    Length * width * height: 7000 * 1650 * 2200mm

    Equipment weight


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