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SW-A2000 Automatic Solar Cell Tabber&Stringer

SW-A2000 Automatic Solar Cell Tabber&Stringer

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  • 1. Equipment Introduction

    Used for series welding of crystalline silicon solar cells.


    2. Product Advantages

    ◆Compatible with 156-230mm, 5BB-20BB cells.

    ◆Compatible with conventional welding tape and round welding tape.

    ◆Camera vision positioning and inspection, robotic sorting and handling and sheet release.

    ◆ Flux soaked, easy maintenance.

    ◆The original flexible pressure holding welding tape mechanism.

    ◆Infrared heating, segmented welding; welding temperature and power closed-loop control, gentle temperature creep, small thermal shock, effectively reduce the cell fragmentation rate.


    3. Technical Parameters

    Equipment Model


    Maximum capacity

    1800 pcs/hour

    Cell size

    5-20BB 156-166 (1/2) 182-230mm (1/3 1/2)

    Cell thickness


    Cell spacing


    String spacing


    Maximum strand welding length


    Welding tape specifications

    Flat welding strip width 0.6-3mm, thickness 0.18-0.32mm

    Round welding tape φ0.25-0.45mm

    Debris rate

    ≤3‰ (positive A-grade film)

    Flux agent application method

    Welding belt soaking

    Discharge form

    Manual discharging or automatic docking Lay-up machine

    Equipment size


    Equipment weight




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