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SW-A1500PRO Automatic IBC Solar Cell String Welder

SW-A1500PRO Automatic IBC Solar Cell String Welder

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  • 1. Equipment Introduction

    Used for series welding of crystalline silicon solar cells.

    2. Product Advantages

    ◆Compatible with 156-230mm, 5BB-20BB cells.

    ◆High-speed electric cylinder cell sorting and handling and discharging.

    ◆Flux infiltration, easy maintenance.

    ◆The original flexible pressure holding welding tape mechanism.

    ◆Infrared heating, segmented welding; welding temperature and power closed-loop control, gentle temperature creep, small thermal shock, effectively reduce the cell fragmentation rate.

    ◆The equipment is compatible with conventional cell and IBC cell welding

    ◆Satisfy the welding of cell chamfer facing forward and backward respectively, and satisfy the welding of chamfer front and back at the same time.


    3. Technical Parameters

    Equipment Model


    Maximum capacity

    Conventional cell 1500 cells/hour

    IBC cell 1200 cells/hour (with paper pickup mechanism)

    Cell size

    Conventional cell 156-166 (whole 1/2, 1/3) 182-230 (1/2, 1/3)

    IBC cell 166mm/182mm (1/2, 1/3)

    Cell thickness


    Cell pitch

    -0.7mm, 1.0-5.0mm

    Battery string spacing


    Maximum string welding length


    Welding tape specifications

    Flat welding tape

    Conventional cell width 0.6-3mm, thickness 0.18-0.32mm

    IBC cell 6BB width 1.0mm/thickness 0.2mm

    9BB width 0.7mm/thickness 0.2mm

    Fragmentation rate

    ≤3‰ (positive A-grade film)

    Flux application method

    Weld Strip Infiltration

    Welding method

    Infrared welding

    Discharge form

    Manual discharging or automatic docking of typesetting machine

    Equipment size


    Equipment weight



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