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SW-B1000 Automatic IBC solar cell Tabber&Stringer

SW-B1000 Automatic IBC solar cell Tabber&Stringer

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  • 1. Product Advantage

    Air cylinder drive guide rail cell positioning

    ◆High speed electric cylinder cell classification handling and positioning.

    ◆Flux accurate and quantitative smear.

    ◆Original ribbon flexible pressure holding mechanism.

    ◆Infrared heating, subsection soldering, closed loop control of soldering temperature and power, temperature raise smoothly and small heat shock, effectively reduce the solar cell breakage rate.

    ◆For 166mm ×1/2 IBC solar cell soldering, can realize mono-crystalline solar cell multiform soldering.

    ◆Can realize mono-crystalline solar cell (1/2) chamfer is welded forwards and backwards respectively, as well as simultaneous welding before and after the chamfer is satisfied.


    2. Technical Parameters

    Model specification


    Maximum capacity


    Size of solar cell

    166mm(Compatible with  1/2 cell soldering)

    Thickness of solar cell


    Cell spacing


    String spacing


    Max string length

    max length 2000mm

    Coincidence degree deviation of ribbon and bus bar


    Ribbon specification


    Breakage rate

    ≤2‰ (A class)

    Discharge form

    Manual discharge or automatic lay-up discharge



    Net weight




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