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SGT-3600V21 Full Automatic Dual-line Tabber&Stringer

SGT-3600V21 Full Automatic Dual-line Tabber&Stringer

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  • Product advantage

    ◆CCD visual defect detection and positioning

    ◆High-speed four axis mechanical hand solar cell classification handling and positioning

    ◆Flux Soaks for easy maintenance

    ◆Original flexible ribbon pressing mechanism

    ◆Infrared heating, subsection soldering, closed loop control of soldering temperature and power, temperature raise smoothly and small heat shock, effectively reduce the solar cell breakage rate

    ◆The welding quality is guaranteed by the pressure welding tape of circulating tooling

    Technical Parameters


    Technical Parameters

    Model specification


    Maximum capacity

    Half Cell 3400pcs/hr, Full Cell 3000pcs/hr

    Size of solar cell

    156-220mmCompatible with 1/3 cell soldering

    Thickness of solar cell


    Quantity of bus-bar

    5BB、6BB 、9BB、12BB(fixture switching, customized according to customer requirements)

    Cell spacing

    1-5mm adjustable

    String spacing


    String length

    max length 2400mm

    Coincidence degree deviation of ribbon and bus bar


    Ribbon specification

    Diameter  0.36±0.1mm,(customized according to customer requirements)

    Breakage rate

    ≤2‰(positive A class)

    Solar cell positioning way

    CCD detection and robot positioning

    Discharge form

    Manual discharge or automatic lay-up machine discharge


    L*W*H:8600 ×2300×2100mm   

    Net weight


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