Up-beam Long Pulse Width Module Tester

Suitable for testing the electrical properties of PV modules such as monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, Topcon, HIT, HJT, IBC and thin film cells.

Additional information

Dimensions 305.8 × 258 × 530 cm
Measurable parameters

I-V, P-V curve, short-circuit current Isc, open-circuit voltage Voc, maximum power Pmpp, cell efficiency Eff, fill factor FF, current at maximum power point Impp, voltage at maximum power point Umpp, series resistance Rser, parallel resistance Rshunt, solar cell surface temperature, Iuld (current at fixed point voltage), Puld (power at fixed point voltage), where Uld can be set arbitrarily

Measurable module sizes


Test speed

240 pcs/ hours

Flash time

The 10-150ms is adjustable

Lamp life

>100000 flashes / 10ms

Irradiance range


Spectral Matching

0.875-1.125 (Grade A+)

Irradiance Instability STI

≤0.25% (Grade A+)

Irradiance Instability LTI

≤1% (Grade A+)

Irradiance inhomogeneity

≤1% (Grade A+)

Spectral range (IEC 60904-9:2020)


Repeat test accuracy(40 Flashes)


Measurement range

Voltage range is 1v/10v/50v/100v/150v/200v
Current range is 0.25A/1A/5A/10A/20A

Measurement resolution

16bit ( Measurement resolution of 0.003%)

Lamp type

Direct-tube xenon lamp

Operating mode

Single pulse

Working power supply

200-240V,10A,50/60HZ, Single-phase

Equipment size

Light source box:3058x2580x5300mm
Electrical cabinet:800x600x1800mm

Equipment weight

Light source box: 1.8t Electrical cabinet: 0.28t

Equipment characteristics

◆Adopt secondary large capacitor power supply and straight tube xenon lamp, stable light source

◆Adopt professionally designed filter, the spectrum reaches A+ level (87.5%-112.5%)

◆Long pulse width 10-100ms single flash adjustable, quasi-steady light can last to more than 100 milliseconds, suitable for testing more types of cells, more accurate testing, such as silicon solar cells, thin film solar cell testing, etc.

◆Can test large modules 2600mmx1600mm

◆The top light design provides stable uniformity and spectral matching.

◆Light irradiance adjustable 500-1200W/m2, can test the cell performance under different light irradiance

◆Professional control and data acquisition system to ensure the accuracy of data and system stability

◆A number of electrical parameters and I-V and P-V curves; current and power display at fixed point voltage

◆Infrared temperature measurement with automatic temperature correction

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