Solar Module Tester

Suitable for the electrical performance test of conventional crystalline silicon solar cell modules.

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Additional information

Weight 480 kg
Dimensions 320 × 190 × 95 cm
Equipment model


Spectrum range

Meet IEC60904-9 requirements / Meet IEC60904-9 requirements (A class)

Irradiation intensity


Irradiation unevenness


Irradiation instability


Testing results consistency


Single flashlight time

10ms(customizable to 60ms) / 10ms(customizable to 60ms)

Testing efficiency

4 Seconds / piece

Valid testing acreage


Valid testing range

Voltage: 0-150V / current: 0-20A

Equipment size

3200x1900x950mm / 3200x1900x950mm

Equipment weight

480kg / 480kg

Equipment characteristics

◆The solar cell module tester adopts horizontal box and lower light path design, which is suitable for the electrical performance testing of photovoltaic modules.

◆Germany imported pulse xenon lamp, and equipped with special filter optical components, to ensure the spectral matching of the test light source, long service life.

◆Constant light intensity, constant light intensity in the test interval to ensure the test data is true and reliable. Pulsed light source is used to accommodate the different cell module measurements.

◆Digital control ensures test accuracy; hardware parameters can be programmable control to simplify equipment debugging and maintenance. The 4-way high-speed synchronous acquisition card is used to restore the details of the test curve and accurately reflect the actual working situation of the tested cell.

◆Use infrared temperature measurement to truly reflect the temperature change of the cell, and automatically complete the temperature compensation. Automatic control, real-time detection of the working state of the cell piece and the main unit circuit in the whole test interval, and provide software / hardware protection, to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.

◆With the flash number counting function (replace the return to zero reset).

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