Automatic Solar Cell Sorting Machine

For monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar cell power testing, defect detection, classification and sorting.

Use scenario: cell shipment sampling, full inspection; module production incoming sampling, full inspection.



Additional information

Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions 171 × 125 × 170 cm
Equipment model


Sorting Stalls

12-bit, 24-bit, upgradeable and expandable

Production capacity

2000 cells/hour (single line)

Sample size

182/210 mm Expandable for compatibility with larger cell sizes

Grid lines

9, 10, 12 main grid Upgradeable and expandable

Breakage rate


Xenon lamp life

≥100000 (times)

Light intensity non-uniformity


Irradiation instability


Data acquisition

I-V, P-V curves 2000 data acquisition points

Test systems

Windows 7/10 64-bit

Effective power test range


Measured voltage

0V~0.8V(resolution 1mV) Range 1/16384

Measured currents

0mA to 2A/20A (resolution 1mA) Range 1/16384

Test condition calibration

Automatic calibration (including manual input compensation device, automatic/manual temperature compensation, automatic light intensity compensation)

Camera type

HD high-speed professional camera

Dimensions of the tester


External dimensions of the sorter

L x W x H: 1710 x 1250 x 1700mm

Equipment weight

1.5 t

Equipment characteristics

◆Supports both online and offline loading modes

◆Equipped with 3A+ light source and high precision electronic load measurement system

◆Automation of the whole process of testing and sorting

◆Customised classification and grading levels

◆Modular combination of IV, EL and colour sorting

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