SE-P(1-5) Laser Film Engraving Machine

It is suitable for laser engraving of transparent conductive film (SnO2, AZO, ITO), amorphous silicon film system (a-Si, μc-Si), back electrode film (ZnO, AI) and other materials of thin film solar cells, as well as other thin film solar cells’ film layer engraving (chalcogenide film, metallic molybdenum Mo film, metallic nickel Ni film, cadmium telluride CdTe film).

Additional information

Equipment model


Effective working width

1400mmx1000mm (on request)

Repeatable positioning accuracy


Straightness of marking lines


Minimum film line width


Clear edge width (P4)


Total width of three line edge


Technical feature

◆Suitable lasers can be configured according to different use scenarios and process requirements

◆Non-contact air floatation working platform with automatic inlet and outlet

◆Two-dimensional separated linear motion platform, with the film side of the cell facing upwards

◆CCD automatic identification and positioning system to ensure the effect of marking (edge cleaning)

◆Unique dust extraction and collection system to ensure the cleanliness of the working environment

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