SC-P1000 IBC Automatic Laser Scribing Machine

Suitable for mono and polycrystalline silicon solar cell scribing

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 106 × 90 × 150 cm
Cell specification

166x166mm(wide length with paper), 166×166-210×210 (compatible with ordinary cell without paper)

Scribing capacity

1000 whole slice/ hour (one cut per slice)

Positioning method

mechanical positioning

Damage rate


Scribing accuracy


Scribing speed


Marking width



Pulsed fiber laser; Wavelength: 1064nm
Average power: 30W

Equipment Characteristic

◆Leading technology: fiber laser, good beam quality; cutting section more neat, more accurate

◆High efficiency: up to 1000 whole pieces / hour (1 / 2 slice)

◆High positioning accuracy: automatic positioning, positioning error of ± 0.1mm

◆High degree of automation: cell automatic loading and unloading, automatic positioning, automatic scribing, automatic packing, automatic splitting

◆Automatic splitting  1 / 2

◆Automatically take paper

◆Automatically put 1 / 2 paper

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