LED Solar Simulator

Equipment introduction

◆Conforms to IEC 60904-9, JIS 8904-9 and ASTM E927-10 for spectral matching, spatial irradiance inhomogeneity and temporal instability.

◆Independent spectral control, in the spectral range of 350nm to 1150nm, divided into 6 spectral bands according to IEC 60904-9, each band can be adjusted and controlled independently. It can be adapted to various specifications of solar cell testing needs.

◆Equipped with CAN bus interface, it can be easily interconnected with the host computer to report the working status of the equipment and achieve remote control.

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Additional information

Output beam sizes

210mm x 210mm

Spectral matching class


Time instability class


Uniformity class


Spectral ranges

350nm ~ 1150nm

Output optical power

0.1 ~ 110mW/cm2 (0.1~1.1 SUN) (Adjustable)

Flashing time

0ms ~ 200ms (Electronic cooling)

Equipment feature

◆Innovative light path design and heat dissipation technology.

◆With real-time ambient temperature and humidity monitoring function to prevent condensation phenomenon from damaging the equipment when the refrigeration reaches the dew point.

◆With real-time monitoring of LED temperature change function, the working temperature of LED can be set, and the equipment will limit the temperature of LED within the setting range through feedback to ensure the safety and stability of LED work. During year-round operation, the working temperature of the LEDs can be set manually by season to improve the energy efficiency of the equipment’s heat dissipation and ensure stable work.

◆With LED circuit self-test function, it can detect the condition of the circuit at any time and master the working status of the equipment.

◆Spectrum and brightness can be adjusted in real time, adapting to the needs of different application scenarios

◆Low maintenance cost: Due to the long life of LED, the maintenance interval can be greatly extended.

◆With the LED working temperature and working current detection function, it can be tested at any time to determine the validity of the test.

◆LED detection function can be tracked to a certain group of LED modules in that way there is a problem, to achieve rapid fault location, greatly reducing the maintenance time.


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