Insulation withstand voltage tester

PV module insulation and withstand voltage test equipment is used for insulation/voltage testing of PV modules, which can be directly connected in series to the PV module production line, automatically test and record and output results, and can also be used for off-line testing.

Additional information

Input Characteristics

Voltage:220VAC,±10%,single phase

DC Withstand Voltage Test

Rated Output:12KV DC
Accuracy:±(2%setting value+2dgts)

Voltage Stability

±(1% setting value +5V)

Test Time

Accuracy:±(1%setting value+0.05 S)

Insulation Resistance Test

Rated output:3500V DC

Voltage Setting

Range:500 – 3500V DC
Accuracy: ±(3% setting value +5V)

Resistance Value

Accuracy:±(3% display value +3dgts)(100kΩ-9.99GΩ)
±(20% display value +3dgts)(10GΩ-99GΩ)

Delay Time Judgment

Range:0.1 – 999.9 S
Accuracy:±(0.1% display value +0.05 S)

Output Current Setting

Accuracy:±(2% display value +5dgts)

Testing Time

0.5 ~ 999.9 S ,0 continuous testing

Time Accuracy

±(0.1% setting value +0.05S)

Equipment use environment

Power supply: 220VAC±10%, 50HZ, single phase

power: 500W;

Ambient temperature: 5~50℃;

Humidity range: ≤95%.

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