Automatic Lay-up Machine/Robot Lay-up Machine

SGL-2500 Automatic Lay-up Machine adopts automation technologies such as  PCL,servo, machenical visual etc.Achieving solar string automatic laying on glass EVA,and transporting module to the next process.Designed to produce about 300 strings per hour.

Robot automatic lay-up machine adopts robot achieving solar string automatic laying on glass EVA.

SKU SGL-2500 / SJPG-300V18/ER10-2000 Category Tag

Additional information

Equipment model

SGL-2500 / SJPG-300V18/ER10-2000

Applied module specification


Lay-up accuracy


Breakage rate

≤1‰(Positive A class)

Beat time

12 seconds/string / 6 seconds/string

Maximum string length

2000mm / 2300mm



Gas source


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