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Laminating Machine

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  • EVA, solar cell, tempered glass, back sheet( TPT and other materials) were laminated into a rigid whole part under the condition of high temperature vacuum.


    Equipment parameters:

    1、Equipment size:16500mm×3200mm×3000 mm;

    2、Single effective laminated area:4700mm×2300mm,actual heating plate area 4500mm×2100mm;

    3、No obvious deformation in the plane of 100 to 165 DEG C under the condition of heating the heating platform. Within each square roughness less than or equal to 200μm;

    4、The maximum temperature of the heating platform is 170 ℃ and the working temperature is 100 ℃ ~ 165 ℃.

    5、When the temperature is set,The temperature controlled precision (fluctuation degree) is ≤ ±1 ℃, and the temperature distribution unevenness of the whole heating platform is ≤ ±2 ℃.

    6、The limit vacuum of the upper and lower vacuum chamber is less than 100 Pa, and the time of automatic operation is less than 60 seconds.

    7、The inflation rate of the lower chamber can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 0 ~ 50 liters / s, and the opening time is less than 60 seconds.

    8、The air filling rate of the lower chamber can be divided into three sections at 0 ~ 50 liter / upper chamber and can be adjusted by the time and pressure (that is, inflation rate) in the inside and in each section;

    9、Laminating time:depending on the material;

    10、Power:Total rated power 180KW,Working power 50KW;

    11、Power supply:triphase 380V,50HZ(Need reliable grounding);

    12、Applicable pressure:0.6~0.8MPa;

    13、Gas consumption:100L/min。


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