External Bezel marking machine
Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 120 cm
Equipment model


Marking pattern size

≤200mm x 200mm

Marking position


Marking accuracy at specified position

x: ±2mm; y: ±0.5mm; angle:±0.5°

Module positioning method

Pneumatic cylinder/servo Mechanical positioning

Machine tempo

Machine tempo

Transfer line height


Inflow and outflow of module

A: long in/long out; B: short in/short out

Laser parameters

Pulsed fibre laser; wavelength: 1064nm
Output power: 60W/30W
Frequency range: 1-2000kHz
Cooling method: air-cooled


HD industrial camera

Equipment size

L×W×H: 800×600×1200mm (without dust extractor)

Equipment weight

0.2 ton (without dust extractor)