SC-N3000 Automatic Laser Scribing Machine
Weight 560 kg
Dimensions 160 × 900 × 150 cm
Scribing function

1/2 automatic splitting, 1/3、1/4 automatic splitting (selectable)

Cell specification

156×156~220x220mm, thickness 140~300μm (single batch thickness error ±15μm)

Scribing capacity

≥3000 pieces/ hour (one cut)

Failure rate

≤1%(one month failure time 22x30x0.01h)

Cutting way

Laser scribing

Laser power

Q-switched 50W (Pulsed fiber laser); wavelength: 1064nm

Positioning method

mechanical positioning

Integrated positioning accuracy

Positioning deviation: ±0.1mm

Up and down bin

Loading 4, unloading 2 (2 working positions, 2 spare with material)

Control system

PC+ industrial computer (PC)+ motion control card

Breakage rate

≤0.2% (Grade A)