SC-i 2500 Intelligent Laser Scribing Machine
Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions 324 × 140 × 192 cm
Scribing function

Intelligent selection and made for missing corner slices

Cell specification

Single crystal, polycrystalline cell, silicon wafer. The factory configuration is delivered according to the specifications specified by the customer, and the later period can switch the specifications according to the formula.

Scribing capacity

2500 pieces/ hour ( cut from 166cells)

Failure rate

≤3% (one-month fault time22*30*0.01h)

Cut way

Galvanometer laser scribing

Average laser power

Vibrator 100W laser (wavelength: 1064nm)

Positioning method

Visual positioning

Integrated positioning accuracy

Positioning deviation: ±0.1mm

Up and down bin

Two packing boxes, the loading box contains 16 loading boxes and 1 scrap box

Control system

PC+ PLC (Industrial control(PC) + PLC)