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          China has lifted its lockdown of Wuhan on April 8,the city where the novel coronavirus was first reported,it has opened its borders after a 76-day isolation,yes ,wuhan was locked down in the past time,but it is not cut off,on the contrary it is lifed up by the rest, Some 42000 medics arrived from the country in Wuhan and neighboring cities,By early March,2.2 million tons of supplies and 17000ventilators has been dispatched to the region,Wuhan become the center of attention in China ,Ppople cheered for the city from home and abroad .Wuhan lockdown lifted,Wuhan reboots today !Wuhan wins!The locals proved themselves heroic ,There's plenty to look forward to .April 8 will be a historic date for the people of Wuhan and China to mark a battle hard fought and hard won.Wuhan can share its experience with other countries to score a global victory against the virus.

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