Laser scribing film machine (G5)

Laser scribing film machine (G5)

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  • Details
  • Applied Range

    Transparent conductive film of a-Si thin film solar cell, a-Si thin film series(a-Si、μc-Si), Dorsal electrode membrane(ZnO、AI)etc laser scribing line.

    Other membrane solar cell scribing membrane(molybdenum,metallic nickel,cadmium telluride thin-film).


    Technical Feature

    Semiconductor end pumped fiber coupled all solid  laser

    Face upward non-contact worktable

    Linear motor drive

    Four channel synchronous output


    Automatic identification and tracking location

    Automatic loading and unloading cell

    On-line monitoring

    Static display


    Comprehensive technical parameters

    Model specification


    Valid processing working area


    Maximum running speed


    Repeatable positioning accuracy


    Straightness of scribing line


    Minimum scribing line width


    Total width of three line edge


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