Automatic Solar Cell Tabber&Stringer

For series welding of crystal silicon solar cells

                                     Product Display

                                    Product Advantages

◆Compatible with 156-230mm, 5BB-20BB cells.

◆Compatible with conventional welding strip and round welding belt.

◆Camera visual positioning and detection, manipulator classification and handling and release.

◆Flux immersion, simple maintenance.

◆Original flexible pressing welding belt mechanism

◆Infrared heating, segment welding; welding temperature and power closed-loop control, temperature climbing gentle, small thermal impact, effectively reduce the cell debris rate.

                                   Technical Parameters


 3,600 cells / h

5-20BB   156-166(1/2) 182-220mm (1/3 1/2)



Flat welding strip width 0.6-3mm ,thickness 0.18-0.32mm

Round welding tape: φ0.25-0.45mm

Flat welding tape width 0.5-3mm, thickness 0.18-0.32mm

3 ‰ (positive grade-A film)

infrared bonding

Manual discharge or automatic docking Lay-up machine


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