Automatic Laser Scribing Machine

Suitable for mono- and poly-crystalline silicon solar cell scribing.

                                     Product Display

                                    Product Advantages

◆Leading technology: fiber laser, good beam quality, low thermal impact on the cell cross section

◆High working efficiency: up to 3000 whole slices/hour (1/2 scribing)

◆High positioning accuracy: automatic cell positioning, positioning error ≤±0.1mm

◆High degree of automation: automatic loading and unloading, automatic positioning, automatic scribing, automatic splitting

                                   Technical Parameters


1/2 Automatic splitting,1/3、1/4 Automatic splitting(selectable)

156×156~220×220mm,Thickness 140~300μm (Single batch thickness error±15μm)

≤0.2% (Grade A)

≤1% (One month failure time 22x30x0.01h)

Laser scribing

Q-switched 50 W (Pulsed fiber laser);wavelength : 1064nm)

Mechanical positioning

Positioning deviation :±0.1mm

Loading 4, Unloading 2(2 working positions, 2 spare with material)

Industrial computer (PC) + motion control card

length x width x heigh :1600×900×1500 mm

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