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Solar Module Tester

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  • 一、Equipment Introduction

    Suitable for electrical performance testing of conventional crystalline silicon solar modules.


    二、Equipment feature

    ◆This solar module tester is designed with a horizontal box and down-beat light path, which is suitable for the electrical performance testing of photovoltaic modules.

    ◆German imported pulse xenon lamp with special filter optical components to ensure the spectral matching of the test light source and long service life.

    ◆Constant light intensity, ensuring constant light intensity during the test interval to ensure real and reliable test data. Adopt pulse light source, adapt to different battery components measurement.

    ◆Digital control ensures test accuracy; hardware parameters are programmable and controlled, simplifying equipment debugging and maintenance. Adopt 4-way high-speed synchronous acquisition card to restore more details of the test curve and accurately reflect the actual working condition of the battery cell under test.

    ◆Adopts infrared temperature measurement, which truly reflects the temperature change of the battery cell and automatically completes temperature compensation. Automatic control, real-time detection of the working status of the battery cell and the main cell circuit during the whole test zone, and provide software/hardware protection to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.

    ◆With flash count function (replacement can be reset to zero).


    三、Technical Parameter

    Equipment model



    Spectrum range

    Meet IEC60904-9 requirements

    Meet IEC60904-9 requirements (A class)

    Irradiation intensity


    Irradiation unevenness



    Irradiation instability



    Testing results consistency



    Single flashlight time  

    10ms(customizable 60ms)

    10ms(customizable 60ms)

    Testing efficiency


    Valid testing acreage


    Valid testing range

    0-150V   /  0-20A

    Equipment size



    Equipment weight



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