SFS30 V22 Fiber Laser Scriber

SFS30 V22 Fiber Laser Scriber

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  • 1、Equipment function

    Suitable for mono- and multi-crystalline silicon solar cell scribing.


    2、Equipment performance

    ◆Leading technology: fiber laser, good beam quality; neater and more accurate cutting section.

    ◆High working efficiency: maximum scribing speed up to 500mm/s(50W laser, maximum scribing speed of 800mm/s).

    ◆Electric foot switch, more convenient and simple operation.

    ◆Maintenance-free: the whole machine adopts the standard modular design, which is truly maintenance-free, continuous operation without interruption and without consumable wear parts replacement.

    ◆Dedicated control software: Designed for laser scribing machines, the control software is easy to operate, displays the scribing path in real time and can be set to automatic cycle mode.

    3、Technical Parameters

    Equipment model

    SFS30 V22

    Cell specification

    156x156~210x210mm  (W x L)

    Paddle stroke


    Scribing accuracy


    Paddling speed

    Max 500mm/s

    Breakage rate


    Scribe width


    Positioning method

    Mechanical positioning



    Fibre laser; wavelength:1064nm

    Average power:30W

    Equipment size


    Equipment weight


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