SFS30AD-2000L2V20A Automatic Laser Scribing&Splitting Machine

SFS30AD-2000L2V20A Automatic Laser Scribing&Splitting Machine

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  • Equipment Introduction

    It is suitable for automatic scribing and splitting of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon material 1/2 solar cells.

    This machine can complete the functions of automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic scribing, automatic splitting, automatic boxing and so on. Professional control software, maintenance-free and easy to operate.


    Equipment Feature

    ◆dvanced scribing technology:Adopt fiber laser source, good quality laser beam, slim laser scribing line, more uniform solar cell cutting surface, small damage to solar cell, high accuracy cutting.

    ◆High efficiency:High laser scribing speed, producing capacity can reach to 1500 full cells/hour

    ◆Accuracy positioning:Solar cell full automatic positioning, positioning accuracy ≤±0.1mm

    ◆High automation level:Solar cell automatic loading and unloading, automatic positioning, automatic scribing.Stable performance, low failure rate, easy maintenance.


    Technical Parameters



    Laser Power


    Laser Wavelength


    Scribing Speed

    Maximum 500mm/s

    Scribing Line Width


    Scribing Accuracy


    Positioning Method

    Mechanical Positioning

    Scribing Capacity

    1500 full cells/hour

    Breakage Rate


    Solar Cell Specifications




    Net Weight

     0.8 ton

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