Fiber Laser Scribing Machine

Fiber Laser Scribing Machine

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    Suitable for crystalline silicon solar cell scribing, high configuration, professional control software, free-maintenance, easy to operate.


    Equipment features

     ◆High configuration: adopts Raycus custom fiber laser source, the beam quality is better (standard base mode), the slit is finer (≤40μm), and the edge is smoother.

    ◆Free-maintenance: The whole machine adopts standard modular design, which is truly free-maintenance, continuous operation without interruption, and replacement of consumable parts without consumption.

    ◆Convenient operation: the device integrates air-cooling settings, the device is smaller and the operation is simpler.

    ◆Dedicated control software: Control software designed for laser scribing machine, easy to operate, can display the scribing path in real time.

    ◆High work efficiency: maximum efficiency of scribing can reach to 400mm/s

    ◆The laser scribing machine can be equipped with an automatic loading and unloading mechanism to raise the producing efficiency, save labor.


    Technical Parameters


    SFS30 (servo)

    Laser power


    Laser wavelength


    Scribing accuracy


    Scribing line width


    Laser repetition frequency


    Maximum scribing speed


    Working area



    220V/ 50Hz/ 2.5KW

    Cooling method


    Work table

    Single gas chamber negative pressure adsorption

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