SGT-4000 Full Automatic Dual-line Tabber&Stringer

SGT-4000 Full Automatic Dual-line Tabber&Stringer

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    Product Advantage

    -CCD visual defect detection and positioning

    -High-speed four axis mechanical hand solar cell classification handling and positioning

    -Accurate and quantitative spraying of flux

    -Original flexible ribbon pressing mechanism

    -Infrared heating, subsection soldering, closed loop control of soldering temperature and power, temperature raise smoothly and small heat shock, effectively reduce the solar cell breakage rate. Small heat shock, effectively reduce the solar cell breakage rate.

    -The battery string detection system can be used to detect the dislocation of the main grid and the position of bus bar (optional).


    Technical Parameters

    Model Specifications


    Size of solar cell

    156 x156, 156.75 x156.75, 156 x 78 mm

    Thickness of solar cell


    Quantity of bus-bar

    3BB, 4BB, 5BB, 6BB ( fixture switching, customized according to customer requirements)

    Coincidence degree deviation of ribbon and bus bar


    Maximum length of string soldering


    Ribbon specification

    Thickness 0.15-0.3, Width 0.7-2mm,(customized according to customer requirements)

    Flux adding method


    Soldering method

    IR heating

    Breakage rate

    ≤1‰ (positive A class)

    Maximum capacity

    Half cell 4000pcs/hour, Full cell 3300pcs/hour

    Power consumption


    Voltage input

    AC380V (3 phase 5 wires), 50-60Hz

    Input compressed air pressure

    0.6-0.8 MPa

    Input compressed air flow




    Net weight



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