SGT-1500 Tabber&Stringer

SGT-1500 Tabber&Stringer

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    Equipment Performance

    Tabber&Stringer SGT1500 adopts IR soldering method, servo motor driving and Industrial CCD positioning&detection for defective solar cell excluding automatically. The soldering effect, such as cell spacing, cell numbers of single string, soldering temperatures and etc, can be adjusted according to requirements. SGT 1500 can be integrated with  automatic layup machine to achieve the composing and locating of solar cell strings on tempered glass


    Product Advantage
    ◆Motor drive guide rail cell positioning
    ◆High speed electric cylinder cell classification handling and positioning.
    ◆Flux accurate and quantitative spaying.
    ◆Original ribbon flexible pressure holding mechanism.
    ◆Infrared heating, subsection soldering, closed loop control of soldering temperature and power, temperature raise smoothly and small heat shock, effectively reduce the solar cell breakage rate.
    ◆This equipment soldering 156×156mm 、156×52/78/ cell, can realize mono-crystalline solar cell multiform soldering.
    ◆Can realize mono-crystalline solar cell (min 1/3) chamfer to the front, back and right angle middle soldering

    Technical Parameters

    Model SGT-1500V20
    Solar Cell Size 156×156mm 、156×52/78/156mm.(Compatible with mono-crystalline solar cell 1/4 scribing  soldering)
    Solar Cell Thickness 0.16-0.3mm
    Quantity of Bus-bar 5BB, 6BB (fixture switching, customized according to customer requirements)
    Coincidence Degree Deviation of Ribbon And Bus-bar ≤±0.1mm
    Maximum Length of String Soldering 2000mm
    Ribbon Specification Thickness 0.15-0.3, Width 0.9-2mm, (customized according to customer requirements)
    Flux Adding Method Soak
    Soldering Method Infrared soldering
    Breakage Rate ≤2‰(Positive A class)
    Maximum capacity ≤1200 cells/hour
    Power Consumption 13KW
    Voltage Input AC380V(3phase 5wires),50-60Hz
    Input Compressed Air Pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
    Input Compressed Air Flow 350L/min
    Size 6000×1300×2110mm
    Net Weight 2000kg


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