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Framing Machine

Framing Machine

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  • Details
  • 1. Overall dimension:3000mm×2200mm×950mm; Weight: 2000KG

    2. Application scope:

    lAngle parts of Aluminum Alloy profile use corner interference with Rivet type frame.

      The bottom width of the Aluminum Alloy profile :32/35

      Aluminum Alloy profile height: 35~50. Online

    3. Framing scope:

    lMin size:808mm×1580mm

    lMax size:1000mm×2000mm

    4. Framing accuracy:

    lThe diagonal dimension error is less than 0.5mm, Angular clearance is less than 0.2mm;

    lOn line beat:≤45s;

    5. Power supply:220V,50HZ(Reliable grounding);

    6. Air Pressure:0.4~0.6MPa;

    7. Power consumption:4KW;

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